PC Demos:

Patterns Of Madness / Aesrude (2010):

This was my first PC demo which is a 64K demo (everthing fits in one exe file which is less than 64K). I first made an unfinished party version for 7d9 Party in Istanbul. Then a month later released the finished version. This took the first place in 7d9 combined demo competition.

Commodore 64 Demos:

I am an active member of the Commodore 64 demo scene known with the handle Nightlord. I am a proud member of the mighty demo group Glance 🙂

Snapshot / Glance (2010):

Side A:

Side B:


This demo won the C64 demo competition in the last Breakpoint party in Bingen, Germany. I was one of the coders in the Glance crew of seven people that worked on this demo. It is a massive demo with many world records and world firsts. It took 3 years to complete.

Living / Glance (2005):

Broken / Civitas (2005):

One Moment of Teknikaliti / Civitas (2004):

Mist / Civitas (2004):

Water / Aesrude (2003):

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