Trapped (2011):

This one is a symphonic rock piece I made. Well it is more symphonic then it is rock. My most mature orchestration yet, but mixing this was a challenge.

Rain Flower (2010):

This one is my first attempt after twelve years in making music on a PC sequencer. It was done in a few hours as a learning exercise, but it turned outΒ nice enough to release here.

Beyond 75Β  (75’in otesi – 1998):

This was made back in the day for a nationwide music contest in my country. It made the final 10.

Made of Fire (Atesten -1999):

This was done couple months after Beyond 75. I made a little album called “Us” for my then girlfriend (now my wife). This is Us Part 1

Your Eyes (Gozlerin – 1999):

This is a little soft song. Us Part 2

5 Responses to Music

  1. Devrim, Istanbul says:

    I like them especially the symphonic one!
    Is there any way to learn how to make it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Devrim, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

      To make music, there are a number of areas one needs to develop. This will be an oversimplified summary but, there is “composing” side, which requires some amount of knowledge on “music theory”(intervals, scales, chords), “composition” (organizing the song, chord progressions, writing melodies), and for the symphonic ones especially “orchestration” (the instrument families in orchestra, how they sound, which ones go well together etc).

      Then there is the “sequencing”, “recording” and “mixing/mastering” using computers that one needs to learn. Assuming that you are Turkish, check out Drey’s tutorial in Plazma ( issues 4 and 5)

      I will try to blog about this in the future.

  2. Devrim, Istanbul says:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial reccomendation..

    Beside, I think you appreciate the feedback of me, may I ask the reason?:)

    • admin says:

      Well, a lot of people just don’t bother to give even a few words of feedback. So whenever someone actually does, it makes me happy (regardless of whether it is positive or negative feedback. Negative feedback is better than no feedback πŸ˜‰ )

  3. CoZe says:

    Ohooo ! I found the secret hiding place of Nightlord woohoo πŸ™‚
    great stuff man. I love the ending sequence, especially orchestration after 3:30, awesome ! You have great control of the uflemeliler πŸ™‚
    only negative points I could think of … is maybe the guitar tone ? too much reverb for my taste maybe ? πŸ™‚ (I dont like artificial tones very much, unless you are doing industrial music) and maybe you should find a better strings library like drey said.
    other than that, great work ! (I’m talking about trapped of course)
    cheers !

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