Starting to Accumulate

Here is an attempt at capturing what I build across various venues of interest in my life. My writing, my music, my art and my code. It will be interesting to see how efficiently I can manage this.

In the following few days I will be uploading various sketches and my older music compositions.

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3 Responses to Starting to Accumulate

  1. Hi, I was wondering how you got the address to your blog without the .webpress thing? Did you have to get a domain and then upload webpress template to your site? Is there another Free way to do this?
    Sorry if you think my question silly.

  2. I am ballard and the North Seattle Group is closer are you on this side of town or south of downtown?

  3. admin says:

    @Rita: There is no free way to get a domain like You have to purchase it from some domain seller like It costs around 20$/year. I also have a web hosting service bought from which costs around 8$/month with unlimited space. They have tools that help you setup wordpress in your account automatically.

    @Philip: I am at the east side. I also go to the Speculative Fiction critique group that meet at the Tully’s at UW district.

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