Starting a few more focused Blogs

I noticed there is just too much varied stuff in this site. I have decided to start separate sites for my different endeavours. So as first steps I have started:
Playing Dissonant: My “musician” blog
Song Dynamics: A blog where I publish detailed analysis of songs from various (mostly unknown) artists

This site will turn into more of a light weight hub with minimal content. Well I need to protect address anyway.

Enjoy. And keep an eye for more to come.

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Thanks to Jeff Varley, Laurie Bixler and Songwriters in Seattle, I got my first gig after many many years. And thanks to Cagri and Simge, it’s captured on video. And thanks to youtube it’s online ­čÖé

I Want You:

Wish for Death:

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Songwriters in Seattle

In the past three weeks I have started to attend meetups by a local group of musicians called “Songwriters in Seattle”. This has been a very exciting and fruitful endeavour.

SiS is a very welcoming and passionate group of musicians from whom I have already started to learn from. There are musicians from many different genres. Other than the obvious benefit of networking opportunities, the group actually provides much more. Different types meetings happen with different focus areas (which I think is very efficient).

There are business meetings that focus on sharing info about the business aspects like marketing, online presence, etc. There are networking meetings with a focus on sharing music and giving constructive feedback. Then, there are the monthly showcases where members can take the stage and play. Overall I feel like this network of different meetings increases one’s progress as a musician on many fronts simultaneously.

If you live in the Greater Seattle area and you are a musician that wants to develop or just have fun, I suggest give SiS a try. You can search for it in the I wish I had thought about doing this search on the meetup much earlier.

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Released a new song: Trapped

I released the final version of my 7dx 2010 music compo winner. You can find it in the music section.


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Epica was here

I just attended the Epica concert in Seattle on Dec 2. They put out a pretty much flawless performance. The majority of the set was from their latest album, Design Your Universe. They also played a few pieces from Divine Conspiracy, Consign to Oblivion and Phantom Agony.

The show was at a cool little venue with a very cozy setting called El Corazon. It has a short and wide space for the audiance that lets almost all of the crowd to be extremely close to the stage. For the most part I was on the left side of the stage just in front of Mark Jansen.

OK first of all I really think Epica is awesome in general. Mark is a genius when it comes to symphonic metal orchestrations. Isaac Delahaye is a kick ass guitarist and Simone is not just a great soprano but is getting better and better with every new album (I just got Kamelot’s Poetry for the Poisoned yesterday where she has guest appearances and her performance there is awesome, but I’ll right about that album in a separate post).

We had the chance to watch Epica live at the same venue earlier this year on Feb 14th so it is a rare pleassure to get to see them live again so soon.

One really cool thing was, towards the end of the show, you could see that they were laying it all out. They basically gave their 150% there to make sure that the night ended in a climax. It was so cool to see them pushing themselves so hard for their fans.

Equally cool was that after the show right outside the bar we ran into Mark. We just chat with him shortly, thanking for the show and me telling him that i thought he was a true genius in orchestration. And he was really humble and down to earth (I really do think he is a genius, I didn’t expect him to admit it but I felt I should tell him that anyway:) ) He thanked us for coming to the show and shook hands.

What more can you ask from a band? Amazing, flawless performance (I mean not a single note missed type of studio level performance), going at it full force on the stage to the point of exhausting themselves fully, and friendly down to earth attitude when you run into a bunch oof fans.

Me likes. If you haven’t listened to Epica before, do so right now

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Added some graphics

Finally i got around to adding some of my sketches/doodles. Also in there, are two digital pieces I worked on after I got my digital drawing pad. Check the graphics page and feel free to comment on them.

Next addition will be some samples of my music. Hopefully soon

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Starting to Accumulate

Here is an attempt at capturing what I build across various venues of interest in my life. My writing, my music, my art and my code. It will be interesting to see how efficiently I can manage this.

In the following few days I will be uploading various sketches and my older music compositions.

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